Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Pictures!

We finally had a chance to post some more pictures. We are looking forward to getting into our permanent house which should happen in a few weeks. Especially since we discovered that there were some unwanted guests in our Master bedroom bathroon. Some termites took up residence in the vanity. We were not aware they were there until Trevor accidently kicked the side of the vanity and his whole foot went through! Oh well, fortunately it is a temporary house.

Once we move into our permanent home, we will explore hooking up internet service. It is very expensive ($150- $200 per month and about $1200 to install) and service is sporadic at best. But hopefully it will allow us to start using Skype.

We are still waiting on our air shipment to arrive. Supposedly it arrived in South Africa on July 6 but still has not made it to Zambia. Our shipping people, who say they are "working very hard on it" keep telling me it has not arrived yet. (Smart money says it's been sitting at the Lusaka airport for over a week waiting for someone to claim it). I also found out that our household goods and Lexus are supposed to be leaving port (in Houston) today. This means we will get them in September or October. I will believe it when I see it.


Tiffany C said...

Wow, life sounds very different over there. Are you adjusting and all? It sounds kind of rough, or have you been having fun? It sure looks like you have seen a lot!

Ryan said...

I bet the reason it has taken your items so long to get to you is that Sarge was guarding them and the shipment people finally figured out to give him string cheese! By the way you need to bring Sarge over to help keep the killer pythons out of your backyard! NO TENTS for me!