Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Time to Reflect.

As with all whirlwind tours, eventually they wind down. So was the case today when we waved goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa. It went by so fast that it almost feels as though they were never here. They were afforded a small taste of Africa in the time they spent here. From the crafts and curios to the majestic falls of Victoria to safaris down the mighty Zambezi River and a few cold ones and some steaks by our pool. I hope they enjoyed their experience here in Africa and that their trip lived up to their expectations. I know we sure enjoyed seeing and hosting them and sharing our African experience with them.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tiny Tim's

One of the stops on our whirlwind tour was Tiny Tim's Orphanage for children that are HIV +. Grandma was able to give her homemade blankets away as well as some other supplies. Beth was able to donate the money she has raised by holding local Bunco tournaments. The Reverend Zimba was most appreciative and we walked away feeling our efforts, although not huge considering the scope of what is actually needed, were necessary and very much appreciated. As we drove away from the orphanage the children were smiling and singing "Goodbye friends, goodbye friends, we love you we'll miss you, goodbye friends."

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hey Blogettes,
Our visitors (Don and Karin Candelaria) arrived looking alive and refreshed and no worse for the wear. They have been here about a week and have had a whirlwind tour of Zambia. We started off with a trip across Lusaka to watch Rianne's soccer tournament. She is on the Varsity team and they won the tournament.
Next was a trip to the Ambassador's House for an intimate brunch with the Ambassador Donald Booth and his lovely wife Anita Booth. We had some great food and conversation and grandma and grandpa got to get to know the Ambassador on a personal level. By the time we left, they were buddies.
After about 150 games of ping pong between grandpa and Trevor (split about 50/50), grandpa grandma, and I headed off to Livingstone to spend some time at Victoria Falls. We grabbed a quick flight and stayed at the Zambezi Sun located right next to the falls.
The Falls were raging and it was difficult to get good pictures because there was so much water that you get drenched immediately.
While in Livingstone we took a short safari game drive and saw plenty of animals. We also took a boating safari above the Falls and listened to the hippos while sipping gin and tonics as the sunset over the mighty Zambezi River.
Thereafter, we flew back to Lusaka and relaxed back at home hitting the pool and sauna. Trevor was anxiously awaiting the return of his grandpa to continue the non-stop ping pong, washers, and Oh hell tournaments. The two of them are inseparable.
On Friday we had a trip to Tiny Tim's Orphanage. Grandma had been crocheting blankets to donate to the Orphanage and Beth and the kids have been collecting clothes, toys and school supplies to donate to the children of Tiny Tim. All the children at Tiny Tim's are orphans and HIV positive. Despite their health and their environment, the kids are very upbeat and extremely grateful for the donations. As we spoke with the director, Reverend Zimba, the children sang "Welcome, Welcome, we love you, we need you." Unfortunately, there are too many Tiny Tim like places throughout Zambia.
Today we went to the local craft market to pick up a few things. Grandma and grandpa picked up several things that will undoubtedly push the limits of their allowed baggage weight.
Overall, I think it has been a great experience for grandma and grandpa. It's not exactly what they were expecting and actually better than they thought. We are so glad they got to experience a little of what we get to experience because with many things in Africa, you really have to experience it to understand it. Words just can't do it justice. The little couple that got married back in 1959 in Durango, Colorado is now celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary in Africa. What a strange ride it has been!