Thursday, August 6, 2009

What Happened to Summer?

On my last entry I reflected on our first year in Zambia and was looking forward to our return home for the summer. Well it is now August and summer is almost over. I have returned back to Zambia and anxiously await the arrival of Beth and the kids this weekend. This was the busiest summer I can remember. We spent two weeks in Durango which included attending a wedding over the 4th of July. We left Durango way before we wanted to and didn't accomplish everything we needed to do with our house nor did we see all the people we wanted to see etc. So for those we did not see, believe me it was not intentional.

It was nice to be back and as far as we could tell Durango didn't seem as affected by the recession as we had heard and read in the Herald but there did seem to be less people in town overall.

Our hastened departure from Durango was born out of necessity as our next stop was Maui, Hawaii. Maui provided us with a much needed vacation and a chance to just relax. The weather was cooperative and the accommodations were great. I got to reunite with my buddy Sam Grim who has pretty much lived on Maui since we both graduated from Durango High School. We were able to get plenty of beach time in and the surf was excellent to the point where it got too big on our last day. I also was able to show the kids where I used to live on Maui and took them to a few out of the way secret surf spots.

After buying our fill of t-shirts, moo moos, flip flops and all other things Hawaiian, it was time to return to Denver as the girls each had Volleyball camps to attend and Beth had shopping for school clothes in her sights. I had five days left in Denver before I would return to Zambia. Those days were spent visiting relatives, shuttling volleyball players, sitting in line at the DMV so that Rianne could get her Driver's permit, shopping, coordinating meals with relatives and moving to three different houses in five days!

Before I knew it, I was arriving at Lusaka International Airport and looking forward to my home and my things and looking back at the whirlwind tour that was our summer vacation.

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