Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tiger Fish Fishing on the Lower Zambezi

Tiger Fish fishing is quite an experience.  Not only do you have to worry about crocs, hippos and elephants but you also have these prehistoric fish swimming in the water just waiting to make a nice snack out of various body parts.  I've caught a 3ft Northern Pike and thought it looked pretty scary but it pales in comparison to the Tiger Fish.  The teeth on these creatures are unreal and they will chew right through a metal leader.  We (as a family) engaged in a few short battles with these freaks of nature and Trevor almost got one in the boat, but alas, they all got away.  (A blessing in disguise I'm thinking).  Nonetheless, as the saying goes - "I'd rather have a lousy day fishing than a good day at work."

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Candelaria Design said...

I love the pictures of Africa. Love Bella. We miss you guys.