Friday, October 10, 2008

Cricket is in the air

Now that school is in full swing the sports season is heating up.  Rianne is starting Varsity Volleyball and is team captain.  They won their first Lusaka tournament.  She also is starting for the junior varsity basketball team and has played sparingly on the varsity basketball team. In Lusaka Volleyball and Basketball are played at the same time on alternating weekends.  Deryn made the U15 volleyball team and her serves are getting better every game.  Trevor is playing cricket with the U11 team and has had three matches.  He is the wicket keeper and the team captain.  This week he was asked to play with the U13 team in a tournament in November. Cricket is the most boring game!  (sorry Peter Marshall).  Trevor's first match was a test match that lasted a total of 7 hours.  They got beat 197 to 104.  About two hours into the match on the first day, they stopped and broke for tea.  It was about 95 degrees and there I was sipping tea in Musakili, Africa.  There were no chants of "nice hit" or "way to go".  Rather it was "good show my good man" or "well done Trevor, well done."  The match took place at a boarding school and Trevor and I camped out in our safari vehicle because the match continued until noon the next day.  A few of the other participants camped also.  Let me just say this, it doesn't matter where you camp in the world, there is always going to be somebody right on your a#@.  I actually had to take a picture of it because it was too unbelievable. :-)      

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Tiffany C said...

So crazy! I still can't get over that this is actually life for you and not a reality tv show or something!haha.
Anyway, that's awesome that all three of my cousins are such great athletes (volleyball was my favorite too).
Well hopefully I get to see you guys sometime soon, but until then I will look at the blog. Love you guys!