Monday, November 17, 2008

Busy Busy and Busier!

Hello Blogettes.  Just a quick note to let you all know that we are still alive.  Things have been pretty quiet here as we are gearing up for Thanksgiving.  Rianne and Deryn had another school volleyball tournament over the weekend.  Rianne's team (Varsity) won the tournament without losing a game.  Deryn's team (Jr. Varsity) had a rougher go of it.   But the real story was that we finally received our household goods!  Yes nearly six months ago we were packed out of Durango and low and behold, all our possessions magically appeared last Friday.  Well I shouldn't say all our stuff made it, but most of it did.  It had been so long that we had already forgot what we shipped.  Even with the extraordinary delay, it was nice to have our stuff and it made our house feel more like home.  Now if we could just get our car!   


Karin said...

Hi Afrikaners,
Just read your Blog, so happy for you that you finally received your houshold goods. Hope every one is doing well. Good job girls. Nothing new here, it was 81 deg.F today, really nice. Thanks Trevor for the nice card, we where rally happy to hear from you. Hope you are all doing well and you receive your car soon. Love you,Mom Karin

Candelaria Design said...

Wow - I had money that your stuff was going to end up in New Orleans. I wonder how long it will take to get George Bush's stuff from the White House to Texas ? Hope he doesn't have a car. Glad some of it made it for you. We will miss you this Thanksgiving but let's skype for sure over the Holidays. Love ya.

Mighyt Quinn said...

Hey there Jim Bo glad to here you got your stuff how about those Broncos going all the way this year any ways hope you guys have a good thanksgiving talk to you all later fore now.