Monday, January 26, 2009

Re-enforcements Have Arrived!

Hello Blogettes. Things are finally settling down here after the Christmas break. We are settling back into our routines and getting back to work. Fortunately, DOJ has finally filled the law enforcement portion of the Women's Justice Empowerment Initiative. My new counterpart is Jim Lane. He hails from Phoenix, Arizona and is a former Investigator for the State of Minnesota. With Jim's arrival we can now begin the process of training investigators on how to put together gender based crimes. Plus it's nice not to be the only Justice employee in the country. So Jim and I have adopted the motto "there is no Justice, there is just us." We are known as the Jims of Justice. (It could be worse.) So we will forge ahead in pursuit of justice for those who can not secure it for themselves. (Sounds much more impressive than it actually is). Stay tuned. (Oh, I still have a bunch of pictures from Swakopmund, Namibia which I will post soon).

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