Monday, February 23, 2009

Clearing the Way

That's right Blogettes I will be clearing some of the photos off the blog as we have guests arriving in a week and will need room to post photos of the visit. My Mom and Dad will be arriving on March 5. We are very excited!!! It will be their first visit to Africa and we have many activities planned including a trip to Livingstone to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. It will be nice to have family come out and see where we are living and how we are living. Given the economic melt down back home, the lifestyle here in Zambia (as we are living) is becoming more and more attractive.
The upcoming months will be very busy. A week after my parents leave, it will be Spring Break and Ryan and Peyton Woolverton will be arriving to spend Spring Break with us. Here in Zambia the kids get two full weeks off for Spring Break. We have many activities planned while Ryan and Peyton are here including Safaris to South Luangwa Park - Victoria falls and some four wheeling in Chobe National Park in Botswana, and a trip to Tiny Tim's Orphanage.
After the Woolverton's depart we will have a small respite until Beth's Father arrives at the beginning of May for a week.
It will be hectic because I am also trying to continue to work during this whole parade of guests. Nonetheless, we are overjoyed to be able to share our experiences with our family and friends.
Finally, I will be going back to Washington for a week during May. So before I know it it will be June.


Mighyt Quinn said...

hey there Jim BO do you guys have a address.Do not no if you guys have herd that i am getting marred July 4 would love to see you guys there.Give me a shout again when you get a chance later.P.S my email is

Tiffany C said...

You guys are living such an exciting life!!! I so wish I could be there. I love you guys and hope you're enjoying it as much as it looks like( :