Tuesday, August 5, 2008


First off, I apologize to my blog readers for not updating the blog. I have received several emails wondering when we will post some updates. The tone of the emails has gone from encouragement to frustration. So I will try to appease our viewing audience.
We have been busy trying to get moved and settled into our permanent home. We are hoping to be in by this time next week. School starts on the 14th of August. We are just coming off a long weekend as it was Agriculture Day on Monday (Zambian National Holiday). We used the long weekend to take a mini safari about an hour out of Lusaka. It was just a day trip where we packed a lunch and then just got drinks at the safari lodge. The lodge sits on 2400 square Km and has various animals. We saw elephants and lions and got some good pictures. Unlike the national parks, the lodge we were at is enclosed so the animals become quite used to tourists snapping pictures of them. I would describe it as closer to a zoo than a true African Safari. But nonetheless we had a good time.
As time passes we are getting more comfortable with our surroundings and venturing out to more parts of the city. Driving at night is no longer a big deal, and Beth has now mastered the right hand drive, manual transmission safari vehicle. She regularly drives to the school and the Embassy as well as the local grocery stores. We have hired a gardener/driver for our new house. Fenson. I will take a picture of him and Post it. He says he is experienced in gardening, pool maintenance, and driving manuel transmissions. (only time will tell). The new yard is huge so he will have his work cut out for him.
The kids have been our domestic help since we have been here. They have been doing a lot of chores to make money to go to the local craft markets. There are some really neat things there. Baskets, carvings, furniture, masks, spears, shields and clothes. All three kids have started carved animal collections. The girls are pretty tight with their money, however, Trevor not so much with his or mine. I think he owes me about 25,000 Kwacha from the last market visit.
We also bought a Ping Pong table and Trevor is getting in at least 5 to 6 hours of ping pong time a day. (We should have never rented Balls of Fury). He can now beat his mom and me occasionally. We are looking very forward to our first visitors. Who will it be?

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Karin said...

HI jim and family,
Great to hear from you, and hope you can all move into your new house this weekend. Love your blog, it is always so alive. Have fun, stay well.Hugs and kisses to all.
Love, Mom