Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's True!!

Yes, it has been confirmed that we will be moving in to the new house on Monday. What is the significance you may ask? Well, first of all it is a much better and bigger house. Second, we can finally unpack all our stuff. Third its closer to school, and finally, we will have internet... What does that mean for those of you out in blog land? It means there will be more blog updates, more pictures, and Skype ability. YAHOO!!!!


Karin said...

Hi Africaners,
Just read your blog, great that you are moving into your house on Monday.Garden care package is in progress. Skype is waiting.
Love, Mom

Reese said...

Hi Guys:
Food care package sent 08/05/08..Curious as to when it arrives..

Love, Dad(Reese)

Candelaria Design said...

Great skyping with you yesterday!!!! You look great and glad to hear you are in the new digs! Talk and see you soon.