Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Solemn Occasion

I regret to inform our readers that Dr. Levy Mwanawasa the President of Zambia has passed away.  He was the first Zambian President to die.  All the other Presidents are still alive.  It is a major event as he was well liked and respected.  The Zambian Government has declared a 21 day period of mourning.  After that, a Presidential election must be held no less than 90 days after his death.  His funeral is on September 3rd and that day has been declared a National Holiday.  So far everybody has remained remarkably calm.  The Zambian Kwacha lost some strength against the Dollar but has remained stable.  The Zambians we know are concerned about who will be their next president.  So it will be interesting to experience a Presidential election in a foreign country.  Hopefully when it is all said and done, we won't have to be evacuated. :-)  Because things are so quiet around here, we have decided to scoot on down to Livingstone this weekend.  We anxiously await Victoria Falls one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  Everyone who has been there has told us it is a must see.  Stay tuned.

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